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The pattern which connects #1

On Monday, I had an interview posted on the blog of Jeppe Graugaard - activist, inquirer and the epitome of the travelling, open-minded European for which the world has much to thank. I met Jeppe at the Dark Mountain Project festival in 2011, and we got talking - first by email and then meeting up. This conversation took place in a canal-side cafe in Banbury early in the summer - and we were talking about …. well anything and everything really…. but predominantly we were exploring ideas of how psychology and activism and crisis are linked. We came up with no real answers, but I think we (and others too ) might be beginning to ask some of the right questions - and tell the right stories.

This is the beginning of Jeppe’s story - "In 1944 my grandmother, Atsa Louise Sørensen, set out from a small village named Arsuk in an umiak, a small boat powered by up to twenty rowers. She travelled up the western coast of Greenland to Aasiaat where she was to enter boarding school. That was the beginning of a story, a series of connected events, of which this is just another moment. Had my grandmother not travelled from Arsuk to Aasiaat you would not be reading these words, thinking these thoughts, pausing at this full stop. Your day wouldn’t have started like it did and it wouldn’t end as it does.

In hindsight it looks incredible, almost impossible, but so is the world. So utterly improbable that one is tempted to regard it all as mere chance. The random collision of bodies. And yet flowers and lives alike unfold in patterns, patterns that connect your thoughts and mine, that connect the journey of an old Inuk with your own story”.

Jeppe is just one of the people who have been part of my own personal pattern which connects, and I’ll be linking to more in the next few days. You can find our conversation here. Jeppe’s blog is well worth exploring - its at

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